Leah Fernandez

Leah Fernandez

Leah Fernandez, RN

Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center
Santa Rosa, California
United States

Leah was outstanding from the moment she stepped into our room. She was all about business. She was so very helpful with the boys and truly helped make our first few days go smoothly. She passed on a ton of knowledge to us and answered all of our questions with a smile. She never once appeared to be overwhelmed or incapable of performing her job at a high level. She helped keep calm in a rather chaotic environment. Thank you so much Leah for being a part of our little family for a few days. Your hard work is much appreciated and will not be forgotten.


Leah helped me during my first chaotic nights in post-partum. She was AMAZING! She reassured me the quality of care I received from her was unsurpassed! She made me feel cared for and that I had an advocate. She was a great coach and caretaker.