Laureen Colombo

Laureen Colombo, RN

Adult Critical Care
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and Children's Hospital of New Jersey
Newark, New Jersey
United States
Laureen makes a difference in her patients’ lives every day.


Laureen was also nominated by a colleague who stated that "Laureen makes a difference in her patients’ lives every day.. I am always happy if she is nearby during my shift.” One prominent example of Laureen's caring attitude and skill is when one of the heart failure patients kept coming up with reasons not to be physically active during the day.  He just didn't want to walk during the day and kept his physical therapy sessions as short as possible. Laureen took the time to sit with the patient, listened to the patient's concerns and provided teaching regarding the importance of physical therapy and activity for post-transplant recovery. The teaching and encouragement stuck, the patient became much more physically active and eager to walk and participate in his own care. He received a heart transplant sometime after, had a smooth recovery and was home shortly thereafter.  Laureen’s patience and persistence were an important part in that success.