Laura Grunewald

Laura Grunewald, RN

Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

Laura Grunewald addresses a wide range of issues effectively, almost effortlessly,and without fanfare. She brings a refined, solution-oriented energy to patient
care as she assesses medical needs and acuity levels in a given situation. Once an assessment is completed and the issues are understood, she is able make outstanding use of the talents and the experience of those around her. She has a high level of situational and interpersonal awareness, she treats people with respect, and she has chosen to invest much time and effort to more fully understand the capabilities and the personalities of the people she works with. Her energetic work ethic and her respectful approach to people demonstrates a type of leadership that people actually like to follow, willingly.

For example, one result of this approach is that she makes consistently good decisions about whether to become directly involved herself in a given situation, or chooses to assign the task to an appropriately qualified colleague, with whose skills she has worked to become thoroughly familiar and comfortable.

When working with Laura, I have observed that the entire floor staff is able to work with much higher levels of productivity and professionalism, both on individual assignments and as members of a team. On major issues, she will listen and willingly accept input, as we work out the best response to the situation. She encourages us to stay focused on the task at hand while she manages to handle two difficult, almost incompatible tasks simultaneously.

First, she becomes part of the solution by providing the right level of guidance, and second, by continuing her excellence at managing to keep background distractions to a minimum, both at the same time. I consistently encounter far fewer interruptions in my workflow when she is in charge, thereby permitting me to better concentrate on meeting the needs of my patients.

Her leadership style is contagious, because she leads by example and by a thoughtful and
appropriate level of involvement.


Laura goes above and beyond both for her patients and for her peers. Even on a very busy night as a charge nurse, she always makes herself available to staff nurses and always asks everyone if there is something she can do for them. She is a true example of a servant leader. When she is our charge nurse, I feel at ease and supported no matter what may occur during the course of the shift. She never ceases to be encouraging and positive, even under pressure. She is an asset both to our patients and our staff, and truly deserves this recognition.