Laura Evers

Laura Evers, RN, BSN

Surgical Cardiology
Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

Laura Evers, RN BSN received the DAISY Award this morning, in recognition for her professionalism, compassion, and patient family centered care. She was nominated by a mother who said her son has been in LeBonheur numerous times in his short life for a chronic condition. The nominating mother said her son would not take the clear liquids ordered by physicians and she knew he would only drink milk. Laura called the doctor and was able to get an order in the computer so that her son could eat what she knew he would. She was concerned about a wound he had. Laura called the doctor, staying with the mother, even though it was shift change, until the issue was addressed by a physician. She went and found a physician on the team charged with her son's care and brought him to the room. Laura showed no frustration and smiled every time I saw her. This lets me know Laura, and LeBonheur, are only concerned with the patient!