Laura Evans

Laura Evans

Laura Evans, RN

Medical Center, Navicent Health
Macon, Georgia
United States

On the night of the snow storm, Laura Evans decided to shelter in place to be available during the night as well as to ensure that she was here the following morning as scheduled. 8 Main had several patients that had been there for several days and whether their family members had left or they did not have any family members to come visit. After she completed her normal shift and all the night shift nurses had arrived, Laura went outside and made a snowman. She took a photo and went around to the patient's rooms showing them the snowman as well as spending some time visiting with them. The next day, another nurse on 8 Main wanted to take a patient outside to see the snow but needed someone to watch the remainder of her patients. She asked Laura if she would watch over her patients, and she readily agreed.

Laura consistently demonstrates compassion and makes a special connection with the patients. She is also a mentor to the 8 Main staff members and never hesitates to jump in and assist where needed.

This is but one example of how our new DAISY Honoree, Laura Evans', RN commitment to her patients and to the profession of nursing. She is truly an extraordinary RN who exemplifies professional excellence and compassion that extends beyond what is commonplace. She is an asset to 8 Main and the Medical Center of Central Georgia.