Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson, RN

Genesis Health System
Aledo, Illinois
United States
As soon as my grandma arrived, we immediately knew she was in great hands with Laura.

My grandma had been struggling with several different conditions prior to her arrival at the ED. She has COPD, Afib, Pneumonia and low hemoglobin for which she has received blood transfusions. My grandma was at home and my grandpa called to say that she was not making sense and was struggling to breathe. The ambulance brought her to the ED. She was in bad shape. Laura was the nurse.

As soon as my grandma arrived, we immediately knew she was in great hands with Laura. She was kind and compassionate with my very ill grandma. She also was amazing at keeping my family informed the entire time we were there. You can see Laura's compassion for her patients and also her knowledge and skill set. She is truly an amazing nurse.

I was also so impressed with the way the staff communicated with each other. We had been there for a couple of hours and it was time for a shift change. Laura communicated everything regarding my grandma's condition with the incoming staff. She took her time, communicated clearly and answered all questions the incoming staff had. My grandma had to be transferred to another facility by ambulance. Laura had the same great communication with the EMT's.

There was also a huge storm moving into the area that evening. Laura was monitoring the storm in regard to my grandma's transfer and keeping us updated on that as well, so we would be aware in case there were delays. As a GMC employee, I know Laura is fabulous. But as a scared family member, I could not have asked for a more amazing nurse. We were so thankful she was there for my grandma and for us. My grandma is still an inpatient but doing so much better. I know Laura and the ED staff getting her through that night has everything to do with that.