Latisha Brown

Latisha Brown

Latisha Brown, RN

Clinical Informatics & Training
WakeMed Health & Hospitals
Raleigh, North Carolina
United States
Within 10 minutes Tisha was in the patient's room to help.

When doing nurse leader rounding, one of our patients just had 17 tubes of blood drawn, scheduled for another test, and when I asked her "What else" she said her granddaughter would be graduating soon and she knew she wouldn't be able to attend. The patient had information for live streaming the program but had spent hours already trying to get it to work without success. She just looked at me, cried saying she was just so tired and frustrated. This patient has a very poor prognosis and tried to be positive, but this was her breaking point. I know IT isn't here for patient's personal laptop assistance, but I thought of calling Tisha. Within 10 minutes Tisha was in the patient's room to help. Tisha took pictures on the patient's phone that would show her each step of the way so she could remember how to get there on graduation day.

Tisha could have easily told me she was busy or couldn't assist and I would have believed either response because I thought it was a long shot she would come. I am so thankful for what Tisha did. The patient doesn't have much joy in her life at this point but seeing her granddaughter graduate is what she is living for. This made such a huge impact on the patient's day. I am thankful for Tisha's willingness to help.

Thank you, Tisha – "We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!"