Lama Awad

Lama Awad, RN

Transplant Unit
Tampa General Hospital
Tampa, Florida
United States

A couple of days after my mom's kidney and pancreas transplant, she was moved onto the 9th floor where we met Lama. From the minute we stepped foot on the floor, Lama showed beyond exceptional care for my mother. She was always very attentive and quick to respond to any need my mother may have needed. She was always on the ball and always had a great positive attitude and a beautiful smile on her face. She frequently checked in on my mom and went above and beyond any expectations. Not only did she demonstrate exceptional and compassionate care to my mother but also for anyone who was in the room. Anytime she came in the room, she never left without asking if my mother or anyone else needed anything. She cared for my mother in such an amazing way that I will never forget and will be forever thankful for. I was always so happy to see her because I knew how great of a nurse she was and that I had absolutely nothing to worry about because not only was she in an amazing hospital, but she was also in the care of an extraordinary nurse by the name of Lama Awad.