Lakewell Harker

Lakewell Harker

Lakewell Harker, RN

Saint Luke's Hospital - Kansas City
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

Lakewell Harker, RN, was nominated for the DAISY Award by 2 former patients of hers.

In one of the nominations the patient wrote, "Lakewell was extremely attentive to my needs. She was very kind and helpful. She gave me a lot of information I did not know and was always ready to explain anything I didn't understand. Awesome personality and patient care!"

The second nomination read, "I am nominating Lakewell for this award because of care and dedication of my well being making sure that I am okay and feeling well, plus giving me advice on how to get up from bed carefully and avoid falling and injuring myself. She also made sure that I took my medication and that all my medical supplies are stuffed. My recovery from birth through c-section was quick because of all the care that St. Luke's provided and my thanks to all the doctors and nurses for their job well done. Kudos to Lakewell!"