Lajwanti Roberts

Lajwanti "Neeta" Roberts

Lajwanti Roberts, ADN, Certified in Chemotherapy & Biotherapy

Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center
Oakland, California
United States

Neeta Roberts took care of me during my 11-days hospitalization.  She is very organized and compassionate.  I always feel safe and hopeful under her care. One time, my nausea did not resolve with the first medication and I was supposed to get to the second nausea medication that was an injection to my arm.  Neeta spoke with the doctor to change it to IV so that my nausea would resolve faster, and my arms did not have to keep getting injections.  Neeta also frequently checked my room to check I was ok.    This was very assuring especially when I was suffering from a lot of pain or nausea.   Even when she was busy, she stopped by to assess how I was.

Neeta listened to me patiently when I cried because I missed my kids.  She took care of me physically and emotionally.  Neeta is very humble, but her nursing experience is impressive, and her life story is very inspiring. I love talking with her.   She is such a marvelous nurse as well as an amazing person.    I feel fortunate to be taken care by Neeta.