Lactation Team at Saint Luke's East Hospital

Lactaction Team

Lactation Team at Saint Luke's East Hospital

Saint Luke's East Hospital
Lee's Summit, Missouri
United States
Iswarya Srinivasan, BSN, Tiffany Haning, BSN, Debra Fleury, BSN, Marji Stark, Shellie Barnett, BSN, Tabitha Young, BSN

When you think of nurses who work in hospitals you don't tend to think of nurses who are going to support you after you are discharged from the hospital. However, this amazing group of nurses starts their care of moms and babies often before they are ever admitted to the hospital. My doctor, Dr. Cobbinah, recommended the breastfeeding class and support group early on in my pregnancy journey. She was honest in saying that breastfeeding is hard and there is a lot that you don't know until you do it. My husband and I attended the class together and the Lactation Consultants couldn't have been more supportive. Learning about the support group in our class made it a lot easier to attend and call the LCs when I needed them later on.

The LCs were very helpful and kind while I was in the hospital. On my day of discharge, the LC was amazing to sit down with me and teach me all about my pump and listen to my concerns about going home with our little man. When we had to call in an LC due to latch issues after our son's procedure, the LC couldn't have made me feel more at ease. Not only did she help to calm my anxieties but also taught me about how our son would be over the next few hours at home. I know if I hadn't talked to her I would have been really worried at home that night. I know these all seem like small actions but during such a stressful and new situation in my life, I felt supported and reassured. My husband and I agreed that this kind of kindness and support makes all the difference to new parents.

The most amazing part of this whole story is that the LCs have been some of my biggest supporters and educators as a new mom. I hesitantly attended lactation group and found the stories of the women in the room to be inspiring and uplifting. One of my favorite parts of Lactation group is the support of their volunteer. She is so supportive and quickly starts to feel like a member of your journey. In the beginning, my breastfeeding journey was simple and easy. I often felt bad for what a lot of the moms were going through – moms who triple feed and get zero sleep and still make it to group! Not long after I returned to work I started to struggle. The history and relationship I had formed with these women made my decision to call them for help a no brainer. Several days, several calls, and several trial and error sessions later I'm proud to say I'm still breastfeeding my little man at six months and working full-time. We have to supplement but I would have never kept breastfeeding once I started supplementing if it wasn't for the amazing LCs at Saint Luke's East Hospital. I am a better mom and I have a healthier son because of their guidance and support.

This group of nurses changes lives and I couldn't think of a group more deserving of a DAISY Team Award.