Labor and Delivery Team

Labor and Delivery Team

Labor and Delivery Team, RNs and more

Labor and Delivery
Methodist Hospital of Southern California
Arcadia, California
United States

Resolve Through Sharing (RTS) has been recognized as the "gold standard" for bereavement care and education for over three decades. The RTS model is a proven, relationship and evidence-based interprofessional approach to bereavement care and education. 

The nomination letter is profound and this excerpt is only one example of the work that goes on in our facility each day. "We're writing today to express our sincere gratitude for the Labor, Delivery and Recovery care we received over the past few days. Your facility was the perfect place for us when dealing with the complications at the end of our first pregnancy. We've never had an experience where an entire team - from our doctor, anesthesiologist, chaplain, social worker, all the way to the food service staff - was so sensitive to our needs. The real standout though was the incredible nursing staff that cared for us around the clock from the moment we walked through the front doors to the moment they accompanied us back out of them. Those nurses are the reason we're able to sit down and write this letter less than 24 hours after they helped us deliver our beautiful baby boy. Though he was not able to survive, we live on knowing that they did everything they could in the best interest of our family. They were our rocks when we were faced with the toughest moments of our lives."

Congratulations to those who were honored; you have our utmost respect.