Labor and Delivery Team at Arnold Palmer Medical Center

Labor and Delivery Team

Labor and Delivery Team at Arnold Palmer Medical Center

Labor and Delivery Unit
Arnold Palmer Medical Center
Orlando, Florida
United States
Rachael England, ASN, RN; Casey Kaszuba, BSN, RN; Kelly Provost, ASN, RNC-OB; Michele Anderson, MSN, APRN, CNM; Amy Ruggiero, MSN, APRN, CNM

I was admitted to the L&D unit for the scheduled induction of my first baby. Rachael was our admission nurse and she was personable, efficient, and kind. Kelly was our primary nurse and not only was she nurturing, but she was also an advocate for me. She encouraged me to wait for the epidural until I felt I was ready for it, versus when it was convenient for anesthesia. After my water broke and I was ready for the epidural, she ensured I got it placed promptly. The nurse anesthetists who placed and managed my epidural were precise, thorough, and provided excellent pain control.

When I found out that my OB physician was not on call that day and would not be delivering my baby, I was a little anxious. However, those feelings quickly eased when the Nurse Midwife, Amy introduced herself. She was enthusiastic, conscientious, and checked on me frequently.

Throughout the day as my labor progressed, the teamwork I witnessed was remarkable. When Kelly had to go to the OR for her other patient's emergency C-section, Rachael took over my care without missing a beat. I was ready to start pushing around 6:45 pm. Being a nurse myself, I knew this was shift change and wondered how the transition would be. The transition was seamless. Michele took over for Amy as the Nurse Midwife and she was excellent. Casey the night shift nurse received bedside report from Rachael and Kelly and jumped right in. I know the change of shift can be hectic, but it was as if I was her only patient. Casey and Michele were so encouraging as I pushed for almost two hours. When my baby started to have late decelerations, I began to get nervous, but they reassured me, and the charge nurse and transport team nurses were on hand in case he had any issues.

I’m sure working in the Labor and Delivery Unit can bring extreme joy but also stress and heartache as not all deliveries have a happy outcome. I want to thank the entire Labor and Delivery Team for helping me deliver my healthy baby boy. This team truly makes Winnie Palmer Hospital the best hospital possible to deliver a baby!

When friends and family asked about my delivery, they were shocked that a doctor didn’t deliver the baby. However, I proudly tell them that the nurses delivered my baby! On this day, I was not only overjoyed to be a new Mom, but their care and remarkable teamwork made me so proud to be a nurse!