Kyle Cassell

Kyle Cassell, RN

Mercy Medical Center (MD)
Baltimore, Maryland
United States

We are recognizing Kyle for reaching out to a patient while she herself was a patient, in pain, and working through her own recovery from knee surgery.

Kyle is currently a patient of Dr. Whitten’s and we look forward to her return to work. However, despite being a patient herself, Kyle did not relinquish her caring, compassionate nursing skills when a fellow patient needed extra care.

While on the TCU floor in recovery, Kyle met another patient who had a birthday coming up. Without a second thought, Kyle went into party planning mode and ARRANGED A BIRTHDAY PARTY for this patient.

Working with the staff, Kyle arranged a surprise party on the floor and invited all the patients and staff to join in for cake and ice cream for this fellow patient who was celebrating her birthday away from her family and friends. The patient said it had been years since she had had an actual birthday party. She was so happy and so surprised.

Despite her own needs, Kyle made sure this patient had a fun-filled day. Kyle, whether on duty or not, is obviously committed to making that kind of difference in every patient’s life.

Thank you, Kyle, for putting your own needs aside and touching the life of this particular patient in this way. I can’t think of a clearer example of the spirit of Mercy Nursing. Congratulations, Kyle!