October 2018
UPMC Presbyterian
United States




Kyla Colcombe is extremely caring for our transplant patients and coworkers on a daily basis.

For Halloween, she made a big cardboard cutout of a door frame, so patients could knock on the door and trick or treat. She made them all a treat bag. She had 3 different treats for those on a regular diet, clear diet or if they were NPO. The patients were all surprised and enjoyed the activity.

On the same night, she cared for a young man with special needs who has a very set bedtime routine. His Mom was his kidney donor. Mom brought his Bible Storybook but forgot his book Horton Hears a Who. Kyla rented it on her phone and read it to him. She then proceeded to sing all his bedtime songs with him. Kyla seemed to decrease his anxiety postoperatively letting his Mom feel comfortable to get some rest.

After a very busy summer, Kyla wanted to boost staff morale. She anonymously made staff members a certificate recognizing what they did well. Even though she didn’t want to take credit for such a kind act, we all knew only Kyla would take the time to do something so thoughtful. She also is spearheading a staff family board to post our family and pet pictures to cheer the unit. We feel Kyla is perfect for the award since she is so kind and caring with everyone who crosses her path.