Kudi Asafa

Kudi Asafa

Kudi Asafa, RN

Med Surg Telemetry
West Virginia

Kudi was awesome and took care of me as a patient. She was very thorough with things. Best Nurse I have ever had. Thanks for your experience. Awesome.


Kudi started at CMAC in 1993. She will tell everyone she loves CAMC and considers this her home. Her loyalty is unmatched. She recruits multiple employees. She is an advocate for her coworkers. She supports them clinically and personally. She clarifies any rumors for correct/direct communication. She gives her heart to CAMC employees. She is known throughout the division. She works all units and multiple hours. She is always dependable and responsible.

Kudi is a balanced person. She focuses on her health and happiness and is a role model for others. She prioritizes her life and does not sweat the small stuff and handles the big stuff with poise and grace.

Kudi's character makes her one bright shining star. You can always see her and when you do, she will be smiling. Her experience and ethics can be felt with her services to our patients. She communicates with the patient's' care team to insure everyone is moving towards the common goal. She never hesitates to be the patient's voice and follows up appropriately. Kudi is humble in her services and always respectful of everyone.