Kristy Dyer

Kristy Dyer, RN

Emergency Department
Franklin Woods Community Hospital
Johnson City, Tennessee
United States
Kristy also has a heart of gold and truly cares about the patients.

Kristy is one of the most hardworking, selfless nurses I have ever worked with.  On several occasions, I have witnessed Kristy de-escalate situations with difficult patients and/or family members.  There are many times she has been there to calm me down when I have been stressed out.  She always lends a helping hand.  Kristy also has a heart of gold and truly cares about the patients.  She makes it clear every day, that she is in this field because she has the heart and attitude.  I believe she deserves recognition for that!


I would like to recognize Kristy Dyer on behalf of the med/surg floor.  I have received emails and had people stop by my office just to tell me how much they appreciate her.  The following are some comments:

"She thanks our department for our help, that means a lot."

"I appreciate how nice she is during report."

"She is very attentive and very pleasant."

"She asked if I received the information and told me to take my time receiving it and call her with any questions.”

"I don't ger nervous when I know I will be getting report from her."

"She was so nice to me when I sat to observe a patient and when I was floated to work there.  She made sure I was ok being out of my home floor element."

"She is considerate of my time and doesn’t get aggravated if I can't talk when she calls.”