Kristy Arnout

Kristy Arnout, RN

Piedmont Medical Center
Rock Hill, South Carolina
United States

Kristy is nominated for the DAISY Award by a fellow employee who witnessed how she handled a stressful time for some new parents.
Kristy was called to the Emergency Department to assist with starting an IV on an infant. This infant was brought to the ED by her very anxious new parents because she had a fever and the source of this fever was unknown. While there, Kristy reassured the parents that the care being rendered was appropriate and was able to explain to the parents the reasoning for what was being done in a manner that enabled them to understand.
She called down to the department several times to check on the infant and again talked with the parents. She advocated for the parents and arranged for the Pediatric Hospitalist to come and talk with the parents as well. She went the extra mile to ensure that these parents were comfortable with the care that their infant daughter was receiving. The Emergency Department staff were very impressed with her patience and determination to ensure that these parents were comfortable.