Kristine Conn
August 2020
Cardiac Recovery Unit
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania




Over the years, prior to Kris Conn taking the helm, our EP Lab had experienced erratic periods of tumult, even disharmony. Employee turnover was high, and we struggled to find that sense of home, that element of family, so many other branches of medicine had developed.

Kris changed all of that. Though she had worked in the department for several years, it wasn't until 2018 that she decided to take on the role of EP Nurse Manager. Things began to fall into place almost immediately. Case scheduling, job designations, promotions, nursing advancements, along with staff restructuring, had all begun to take shape and move us in a common and unified direction. Morale quickly improved, and for the first time in over a decade, there were signs of significant employee retention, improved efficiency, and a consistent and organized workflow. Moreover, relationships between staff and physicians improved greatly.

Kris Conn's leadership is behind this complete departmental turnaround. She brought the staff together, by communicating her vision for the department's future and the role we would play in it. A large part of this was and still is, accomplished via morning "huddles" where we are given the day's trajectory along with its obstacles and solutions. During the particularly stressful events of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, as well as, the civil unrest occurring throughout the city, Kris maintained open channels of communication with all staff. She reached out to each individual staff member to ensure we were all safe and informed at all times.

Kris also possesses a unique ability that allows us to see one other, not only as fellow employees but as friends. Birthdays, wedding/baby announcements, and, at times, condolences in grief, are shared among us all.

Today the EP Department outperformed its past on a weekly basis. And we have achieved in creating the family we had always longed for.