Kris Campisi
August 2020
Emergency Department
Children's Hospital Colorado
United States




Kris Campisi is a superb example of the wonderful nursing care given in the Emergency Department at Children's Hospital Colorado. Kris embodies the standards of The DAISY Award as she is compassionate, caring, and an incredibly hard worker. Kris is never one to sit around; she always has places to be and things to do. Kris gives thorough and compassionate care to her patients, and she advocates on their behalf. She is diligent in reviewing orders on each of her patients and asks for clarification if an order appears incorrect.

Kris is one of our most experienced nurses in the ED and her expertise is invaluable. She will make recommendations to the ED providers regarding her assessment of the patient. This makes Kris and a wonderful educator and preceptor. Kris is a bedside nurse leader who is eager to learn and has a positive attitude. After 37 years of nursing, Kris remains an early adopter of new guidelines and processes in the every-changing nursing world. She is always willing to help her coworkers and will complete tasks for her team without being asked. She is a great team player and models excellent nurse leadership daily. The words, "I was just doing my job," often come from Kris's lips, although she goes above and beyond for her patients and the Emergency Department.