Kristine Benavides

Kristine Benavides

Kristine Benavides, BSN, RN, FNP

Radiation Oncology
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Chicago, Illinois
United States
I felt safe having my daughter in the very capable, dedicated, caring and compassionate care of Kristine.

The difference between a good nurse and an exceptional nurse is passion. Kristine is an exceptional nurse. Her passion for her patients is evident in every encounter. My 33-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cervical cancer. This diagnosis totally altered her future plans. The diagnosis and subsequent treatment plans were frightening and overwhelming. The plans involved 3 departments- Gyne-onc, Reproductive Endocrinology, and Rad-onc. Kristine advocated for my daughter by navigating and coordinating the treatments with all modalities so she could complete the treatment in a safe and efficient manner.      

Kristine was my daughter’s beacon of hope- compassionate and caring. No question or request went unanswered. She was unbelievably responsive in alleviating her tears, addressing her pain, discomfort, following up with her to ensure she was doing well and celebrating each milestone with us. She was her link to her cancer team and truly went above and beyond for her.

As a nurse administrator and former critical care nurse, I felt safe having my daughter in the very capable, dedicated, caring and compassionate care of Kristine. Kristine’s passion for the art and science of nursing is an inspiration for all members of the nursing profession.

The sculpture “A Healer’s Touch” describes Kristine. She works passionately to heal the mind, body, and spirit of those who have entrusted their lives to her care.

I am so grateful Kristine was there to care for my daughter. She is a true DAISY Nurse!


Kristine went above and beyond as a nurse. She was not only there to assist me with every question I had, but she never made me feel like a nuisance or a hassle. She also, on many occasions, would call to check up on me if we hadn’t seen each other. I truly felt like not only did she care about my recovery but also about me personally. You can tell she cares about her patients. In a world filled with so much selfishness and greed to have someone so selfless be there for me was an amazing feeling.