Kristina Rolff

Kristina Rolff, RN

Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center
Roseville, California
United States

When Kristina Rolff had to be the NICU PAC RN recently, she was taking care of a newborn baby and visiting with the new parents. She noticed mom was very pale and asked her how she felt. Mom stated how she felt and what she told Kristina reminded her of a personal experience that caused her to immediately notify the Labor & Delivery RN to check mom for an internal hemorrhage. Mom was taken to the OR immediately due to Kristina’s diligence. Kristina then stayed with the new dad and baby for several hours to help keep the other family members (grandparents and dad) calm and keep them focused on their healthy baby. Kristina is a ‘gentle leader’. She doesn’t stand out as an overly aggressive RN, but she does her job extremely well and the parents of our babies in the NICU love her as do her co-workers.