Kristina Beachy

Tina Beachy

Kristina Beachy, RN

Float Pool
Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital
Grass Valley, California
United States

I observed Tina caring for patients in the ER in 3 different rooms. She was talking to the patient in the second room and asked him how he cared for himself under his unfortunate circumstances. She arranged for him to bathe. The next time I observed her she was combing his long, unkempt hair. She conversed with him like he was a lifelong acquaintance. Staff members on duty were all humbled by her actions. I am in awe of the kindness and dignity with which Tina cared for this man.


Tina goes above and beyond in the role of an RN. I watched her sit on the ground in the ER and wash, scrub, and trim toenails on one of our homeless patient's feet. She cares greatly for her patients.