Kristin N Fletcher

Kristin N Fletcher, RN

Mercy Health Anderson Hospital
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

When I think of an amazing RN, I think of Kristin. She always delivers amazing care to her patients. Kristin works as a charge RN on telemetry and always goes out of her way to help all of the nurses with their patients.

Last night a patient woke up in a panic stating over and over that she wanted to see her children and was not ready to go. Everyone just assumed that the patient was confused from being in the hospital, so the patient's RN called the MD to get an order for a sedative. The patient was a medical-surgical patient and is normally alert and oriented. Kristin did not have a good feeling about the patient. She decided to get the patient's vital signs and found that the patient had a heart rate of 250. Kristin immediately hooked the patient up to a heart monitor on the crash cart to confirm the patient's rhythm, and then called a rapid response team.

The patient was given several IVP medications and sent to the ICU. Everyone thought that the patient was not going to make it. The patient is doing much better now. Without a doubt, no questions asked, that patient is alive because of Kristin's intuition and fast action.