Kristi McVey

Kristi McVey, RN

Saint Joseph Hospital - Lexington
Lexington, Kentucky
United States

Kristi is an outstanding nurse and helps to provide a stable foundation within our nursing
unit. Kristi functions as both a clinical manager and focus nurse on 2 East. She has been
instrumental in the development of our congestive heart failure teaching program for
patients which is still evolving on a weekly basis. She also collaborates with the hospital
clinical nurse specialist to expand the teaching format into other units. Her efforts have
resulted in more concise and effective teaching for patients which has increased our
compliance with the core measures for congestive heart failure patients. She has been an
outstanding resource and educator for staff on 2 East, many of whom have less than one
year of nursing experience. Her efforts have also resulted in a dramatic increase in our
unit's patient satisfaction scores and promoted a stronger unity among the work force on
2 East. Kristi exhibits a strong sense of dedication to her
patients, co-workers, and the hospital and she
demonstrates the core values of Saint Joseph Health
System in every aspect of her work. I feel we are privileged
on 2 East to have her and we are most appreciative of the
valuable work she has done and has plans to do.