Kristi Boldt

Kristi Boldt

Kristi Boldt, RN

Perioperative Services
Children's Health Children's Medical Center Dallas and Children's Health Children's Medical Center at Legacy
Dallas, Texas
United States

Kristi is an exceptional nurse with assessment skills that are SUPERB. She works 12 hour shifts in our pre-op / post-op department at Children's Legacy. She is often in the position that she has to function in many roles, as our HUC, and concierge leave by 4. Kristi never complains about all the work or what is required. Her keen assessment skills and calm demeanor have kept parents calm and confident in our hospital and the care their child is receiving.

On one particular occasion, Kristi had just assumed the care of a young man who had undergone a liver biopsy. He had been monitored for his required time and all had been unremarkable. His IV had been removed and he was instructed he could get up and get dressed to go home. However, as soon as he stood up he began to hemorrhage. Blood was flowing out of this child for all to see. Kristi in her exceptionally calm manor got him back into bed. Called for help, explained to the family what she was doing and why. Got a new IV in and in the end the child was stabilized and transferred to Children's Dallas.

Kristi is a remarkable asset to this team. She deserves to be recognized and honored for all she does here at Children's Legacy. It is an honor to work beside such a caring, intelligent, CALM IN CRISIS, efficient nurse.