May 2013
United States




I am having difficulty in finding adequate words to express my thankfulness for Nurse Kristi Beyersdorf. How will I ever be able to thank her for the compassionate care she provided to my mother while in the PCCU? Her ability to make my mother feel safe and secure while responsibly carrying out the many tasks in her charge did not go unnoticed by our family. The dedication was not only to the patient, but also to me, the daughter of the patient, at a time when I felt I was losing my mother. She cared for each of us with such integrity - keeping us informed, answering our questions and making sure we knew what would be taking place next. I found it impressive how she instructed those who served alongside her. What a lovely example of leadership and teamwork. Words are gifts, please make sure she receives the precious gifts of honor she is due for her loyalty to patients and their families and the profession of healing, she is a worthy recipient. God Bless Kristi Beyersdorf.