Kristi Anderson

Kristi Anderson, RN, BSN, MS

HSCT Transplant
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Kristi sets the bar for excellence, compassion, efficiency and patient advocacy. As a night shift nurse, Kristi provides a calm presence for her patients to sleep. I have frequently had anxious or depressed patients tell me that they feel “safe” when Kristi is their nurse. When another nurse is busy, Kristi is one of the first to jump in and offer assistance. It is evident that she cares about both her patients and her co-workers. A while back, a group of nurses on the unit were discussing what they would do if faced with a diagnosis of leukemia. Would we be treated at the UW? On our own unit? I realized that if faced with that situation, I would want Kristi to be my associate nurse. What higher praise can one offer a colleague?