Kristal Walden

Kristal Walden

Kristal Walden, RN

Baptist Health Paducah
Paducah, Kentucky
United States
She realized the devastation this family was experiencing, and asked “how can I help”.

Kristal was caring for a seriously ill patient who was injured in accident.  The patient’s children were all injured, and one child died at the scene of the accident. Kristal’s patient asked if there was any possibility of attending her child’s funeral. Keep in mind that the patient was seriously injured herself and a patient in the Critical Care Unit.   All the caregivers involved took the immediate approach “is there a way we can make this happen?”

Both of the patient’s physicians agreed that this would be in the best interest of the patient to assist her in the grieving process.  Kristal asked the Orthopedic Surgeon to call the Director of EMS, to see if they could provide transportation to and from the service.  EMS quickly responded “yes”.  Kristal volunteered to accompany her patient to the funeral, so she would be under the care and supervision of a Registered Nurse.  Kristal volunteered to go without pay to assist her patient. 

The patient was able to attend her child’s funeral, and remain under the care and supervision of her nurse.   She realized the devastation this family was experiencing, and asked “how can I help”.   I am sure that this family will never forget the care and compassion shown to them during this tragic time in their life.

Kristal serves as a true example of Baptist’s Mission statement of exemplifying our Christian heritage by helping those in need.