Krista Guzman

Krista Guzman

Krista Guzman, RN CEN

Providence Alaska Medical Center
Anchorage, Alaska
United States

I work security here from 7am to 5pm. Lately the patients coming in have required more hands on than usual. IE: verbal commands to return to rooms, restraints, retrieval and escort back to rooms, escorts off the property and so on.

My story starts out early on Wednesday, 2 Feb. when I hear voices getting louder coming from triage one, the admitting desk. A patient was recently discharged from the ER and was asking questions about his discharge paperwork. The person behind the desk had called for Krista to come and assist. She also called me in the security booth to stand by as this person was getting agitated. Krista answered all his questions, and believe me there were many. She is very knowledgeable in the processes of patient care as she repeatedly answered his same questions. Not once did she raise her voice or appear to be trying to get rid of him or annoyed in anyway. She was kind and understanding of his needs. She patiently listened and went over each aspect of his discharge paperwork. Now this exchange took about 15 minutes. Even from the point of being an observer, I understood her clear instructions each time she thoroughly explained them.

I give our health care staff credit for what they go through each day. The patients are more verbally and physically abusive. In this case I feel Krista went above and beyond what was required and was the exact person needed for this situation. She is a role model for young people entering this field.