Krista Bertke

Krista Bertke, RN

Wilson Memorial Hospital
Sidney, Ohio
United States

Now that we've achieved a few nights of multiple hours of sleep, it's high time to look back and reflect. We are new to the area and had a choice of multiple quality hospitals in the Dayton area. We had chosen Wilson Memorial Hospital because of the many good things we had heard.

On November 3rd, our daughter was born. We are brand new, first time parents so we came into this process with anxiety. Krista's encouraging personality empowered us through our amazing journey. Her expertise with various labor techniques and resources made the natural birth of our baby both successful and "relatively" easy. She incorporated our quirky request within your hospital's policies and procedures to keep our baby safe but also allow us some measure of control in this out of control process. We were impressed by her dedication and work ethic; and afterwards, wondered when exactly she had time to eat, drink and rest. We were fortunate that our baby decided to come during Krista's shift.