Krista Avery
November 2017
St. Mary's Community Based Out-patient Clinic
North Florida / South Georgia Veterans Health System
United States




Krista Avery, RN, came to St. Mary's Community-Based Out-patient Clinic (STM CBOC) by way of an endorsement from the outside.  Since she started, she has exhibited unlimited willingness to learn the ropes and consistently strives to give the best of her abilities.  She is willing to accommodate walk-ins without judgement, willing to do injections from non STM clinics, her constant follow up on dropped consults that have gotten her in “hot” seats with Non VA Care staff as she advocates openly for services the veterans badly need stopping by primary care nurses as they always seem to need help while still doing her duties as a primarily psychiatric nurse.  She engages in social activities and even initiates them for staff and team building to boost morale, volunteers additional RN work without hesitation (like her disaster training).  She comes to work and is 100% committed to providing veterans care for making sure all details pertaining to med compliance refill, Non-VA Care, prosthetics, etc, are being addressed that very hour.  She has stated from the start her goal of helping veterans with their needs and she has managed to exhibit her integrity by showing us and the veterans by being the example of her words. 

Krista is a true DAISY Nurse with confidence, grace, and integrity.