Konner Squires

Konner Squires, BSN, RN

Neuro Unit
Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center - Fort Worth
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

I was hospitalized for a week and Konner was always the one I looked forward to seeing every day.  Dilaudid was very heavy for me to take as a pain med and she helped me through each dose.  She is the most sincere and gentle nurse I've ever had.  Never did a time go by where she was not there or did not help.  She was always prompt and professional.  I knew that as long as she was on duty everything would be okay.

She cheered me on and supported me through the entire week; never judged and never minded any complications.  Her professionalism is exactly what hospitals need and I am so very grateful to have had her by my side.  Konner is a true gem and I extend my best wishes to her as she continues her career.

She is an amazing nurse! She's an angel.  Thank you.