Kirk Bokenkamp

Kirk Bokenkamp

Kirk Bokenkamp, RN, BSN

Float Pool
Asante Three Rivers Medical Center
Grants Pass, Oregon
United States

...Our mother was admitted to TRCH at a time Kirk was relatively new there and was "shadowing" Nurse Rose in order to learn your protocols. After a couple of days, it became obvious to Nurse Rose that Kirk no longer needed direct supervision. Therefore, he became our mother's nurse.

He answered our questions in layman' terms after the doctor had given us the medical terminology. If he did not know the answer, he would refer us to the person who could help us. He told us which medicines he was giving.

There was one episode when mom's potassium plummeted while the doctor was there. Once the doctor left, Kirk quietly took over and monitored mom closely until her condition stabilized. His prior ICU experience helped immensely.

He heard and understood our worries. Plus, he became a family advocate when we shared our concerns about a suggested procedure for mom. As a result, we were able to get a second opinion which helped us with our decision making.

To summarize, Kirk's style of nursing is that of a calm, kind, knowledgeable professional who is approachable and who made us believe our mom was his number one priority.