Kimberly Holland

Kimberly Holland

Kimberly Holland, RN

3 West Psychiatric Unit
St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital
Madison Heights, Michigan
United States

Kim Holland, RN on Macomb Center’s 3 West Psychiatric Unit, was honored with a DAISY Award. Kim was nominated by one of her co-workers, who shared,

“I work on 3 West as a HUC/Mental Health Tech. I had a total care patient who required a lot of care and before I could even open my mouth to ask for help Kim was right there with gloves ready to assist me. She lives in Canada and crosses the tunnel everyday to come to work. She’s a single mom and she lost her father a year ago yet she doesn’t use her trials and tribulations as a stumbling block, she uses them as hurdles, reasons to perform better. She goes above and beyond to help our patients. She’s the only nurse I know that will change diapers, give showers, comb the elderly patient’s hair even if they’re not her patients!

We had an elderly patient who would not stop yelling and screaming and we tried everything to get him to calm down. Finally, we thought it would be a good idea to ask his nurse to give him a shot for anxiety but Kim didn’t want to do that to the elderly patient so she hurried and got her work done and sat with him the entire shift.

I want to perform better because she performs well everyday no matter what she’s going through. She’s always the same; she never changes. If you don’t know, working in the mental health field is not always easy. It takes a special person and I think we found one in Kim Holland.”