Kimberly Gamboa

Kim Gamboa

Kimberly Gamboa, BSN, RN

Yuma Regional Medical Center
Yuma, Arizona
United States
Kim gave me back a sense of control over my stay.

My wife and I were admitted within 12 hours of each other, thankfully into the same room. Kim was able to help me understand everything that was happening. Suddenly they moved my wife out to another room. It was very scary and confusing to me. No one explained why. Kim came in and was very kind, compassionate, and caring. She ensured I knew and understood everything going on with myself and my wife. She gave me back a sense of control over my stay. She took the time to sit with me. She gave me choices, ensured I was comfortable and answered a million questions for me. Kim turned a very alarming and intimidating stay around for me. She truly was amazing. Thank you so much for being such a great person and nurse.