Kimberly Evans

Kimberly Evans

Kimberly Evans, RN, BSN

Medical Intensive Care Unit
VA Charles George VA Medical Center
Asheville, North Carolina
United States

Nurse Kim Evans is a sacrificial team player, compassionate caregiver, and wonderful support for veterans, families, and staff.

This morning I was assisting a veteran who was in much distress physically and emotionally in the MICU. He was entering an actively dying process, somewhat unexpectedly. His family had not yet made it to the hospital and goals of care were still unclear regarding continued treatment vs. comfort care. The veteran's primary nurse was overwhelmed with responsibilities of another veteran's care needs and was unable to be present at the bedside. Without even having to ask, Nurse Evans jumped right in without hesitation despite having other assigned patients of her own. Once the veteran's family members arrived and goals were clarified to shift to comfort care, Nurse Evans didn't hesitate to obtain needed/ordered medications from the omnicell, needed supplies, and assisted this RN in performing intensive comfort care for approximately the next 30 minutes until the veteran was resting comfortably and his family was greatly appreciative.

Kimberly Evans not only came to the rescue of the veteran and family this day, but also to this RN. Without Nurse Evans' physical and emotional support it would not have been possible to provide the needed care for this veteran and family.