Kimberly Drummond

Kimberly and her Volunteer

Kimberly Drummond, MSN, RN

CLC East
VA Long Beach Healthcare System
Long Beach, California
United States
I am alive because she cared. Nurse Drummond is my special Angel. All nurses are God’s Angels.

I met Nurse Drummond in December of 2012 when I broke my left leg and ankle and ended up in the Z-pod.  She made my recovery and stay very comfortable. After my rehab, I started as a volunteer and got to see Nurse Drummond more frequently.  She and Dr. P would smile every time they saw me taking a patient to his or her appointment.

I suffered from a very bad heart. I told Nurse Drummond one day that I was going to WLA VA for a date of my heart surgery. Well, I went to my appointment and was denied surgery; I was told my heart was too badly damaged and there was no sense in doing my surgery. That was in March of 2014. I was given an expiration date and from that day on, I was getting ready to die. 

Without me knowing at all, Nurse Drummond called a friend of hers in WLA VA, a Nurse Practitioner named Ann Braddoc. Nurse Drummond asked her to take care of a man who was denied heart surgery. That was me.  Nurse Braddoc went in front of the VA board to get permission to find a surgeon who would perform my surgery.  The board granted permission to find me a surgeon within the VA system.  Well, a surgeon was found. I received bypass surgery on May 20, 2014. 

Here I am in March of 2017, still volunteering and feeling great. It was Nurse Braddoc in WLA who told me that it was Nurse Drummond who got things going. One day I told Nurse Drummond that I knew it was she who made a call. Her answer to me was, “no thanks necessary. I just called in a favor”. 

Kimberly Drummond is truly special, along with Ann Braddoc and all nurses. I thank God for sending me Nurse Drummond. I am alive because she cared. She’s my special Angel. All nurses are God’s Angels.