Kimberly Cratty

Kimberly Cratty, BSN, RN

Medical Surgical
Saddleback Memorial Medical Center
Laguna Hills, California
United States

Kim Cratty shows us a wonderful example of a DAISY nurse. Kim has extensive experience as a clinician and I have always admired the tender way she cares for her patients with such heart and compassion. In addition to being an amazing teammate on our unit she is a stellar clinical leader and exemplifies professional nursing in her focus on patient/family centered care. Kim often is the "mother hen" of our unit and nurses our staff in times of need, always exhibiting her caring nature and sweet spirit. One particular situation where I know Kim went above and beyond to provide the most excellent nursing care to her patient and patient family happened at the end of 2013.

A patient very well known to us at San Clemente had been admitted over a dozen times in the month of November due to chronic lung disease and failing health-she was getting weaker, more tired, and her husband of 60+ years was scared of losing her, you could sense her fatigue and loss of the will to keep hanging on. It did not appear that the patient's family had adequate information on the options available to them for services such as palliative care and hospice despite the seemingly poor prognosis her failing health provided. Kim sat down with the patient and the patient's husband and son to discuss a program called hospice and with grace and compassion sought the true desires and wishes of the patient and her family-taking the precious time to listen to their needs.

Kim then acted as the greatest patient and family advocate in her collaboration and communication with the physician encouraging the necessity to assist the family with nursing care in the comfort of their own home by utilizing hospice care in order to make the patient comfortable in her last days. Kim coordinated the care with case managers and the physician and the patient was discharged to her home with hospice care.

Kim was visibly emotionally affected by the circumstances and sought follow up with the patient and her family in the next couple of days. The patient's husband indicated that she had passed away peacefully the day after they arrived to their home with hospice care and her suffering was over. He was so grateful for the excellent care Kim provided them and explaining and helping them to understand their options.

Sometimes the care we provide at tender times such as the end of life can impact our patients and their families as well as our own colleagues more than we will ever know, we hope Kim will have the opportunity to know and be recognized for this example of excellent nursing care where she went above and beyond to make a true difference in the life of her patient and their family; as well as positively impact and inspire her co-workers to be the best nurse we can be every day. Kim Cratty is a true example of a DAISY nurse and it is our pleasure see her honored with the DAISY Award.