Kimberly Corcoran

Kimberly Corcoran

Kimberly Corcoran, RN

Operating Room
Einstein Medical Center Montgomery
East Norriton, Pennsylvania
United States
There have been so many occasions where I find myself wanting to exemplify all of Kimmy's characteristics in hopes of becoming a great nurse like her.

Kimberly Corcoran, or as we call her, “Kimmy” has been a nurse for over 15 years. She is the kindest, most generous, supportive, and thoughtful person, nurse and friend I have ever known. Her gentle and angelic personality is followed by her passion for what she believes in, and that is helping people. She never forgets a birthday, a sympathy, a get well, or any kind of acknowledgment of someone. Making people feel special comes naturally to her.

All of these wonderful attributes translate into her nursing abilities. In the operating room, she is always there for us by answering our questions, assisting us in any room, and taking a call at any time for someone in need. To me, there is something soothing in watching her care for our patients. She greets them with her sympathetic face, kind eyes, and always speaks with empathy in her voice; resulting in the patients feeling safe and comforted which is important to anyone who is about to have surgery.

I feel blessed to call her my friend and my coworker. Just knowing her and watching her work makes me a better worker and overall a better person because that is the standard that she sets. She is truly one of a kind. Her total body of work is so impressive that she stands out amongst the rest of us.


When I think 0f extraordinary clinical skills and compassionate care, I think of Kim Corcoran. I have had the luxury of knowing Kimmy for almost five years now and the thoughts I have back then are still the thoughts I have of her now. Those thoughts are comprised of happy, energetic, thoughtful, compassionate, and selfless; to only name a few.

Kim has a way of making all the coworkers around her work harder. We work harder because she leads by example. There have been so many occasions where I find myself wanting to exemplify all of her characteristics in hopes of becoming a great nurse like her, and I do not feel like I am the only one because she simply leaves that impression on people.

Whenever I work with Kimmy, I know the day, the room, the situation, and the outcomes are all going to be positive. Kimmy doesn’t see job titles. She looks at things like we are all here for the same reason (to help people) and no job is more important than the other. She shows me this by always helping out with jobs that do not fall under that of an OR nurse; no matter how busy the day may be. But the thing that makes her so special is that she does it without asking. This kind of selfless work goes a long way in helping the nurses, helping the doctor, helping the orderlies, which all results in helping the patients.

I am so grateful and honored to be able to work with a person like Kimmy. Kimmy is a true DAISY Nurse and I am confident that there isn’t an employee in the operating room that thinks otherwise.