Kimberly Cerri

Kimberly Cerri, MSN, RN, CPHQ, CNL, CMSRN

Quality Management
Broward Health Imperial Point
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
United States

On October 1 Kim and I were conducting our routine Quality Management/Clinical Education rounds on the 3rd floor. We were made aware of an usual patient who five days earlier gave birth to her first baby. She was admitted to our hospital for a subsequent DVT. The patient was a young mother who had not yet had the opportunity to bond with her newborn daughter. The baby was discharged from another local hospital the same day our patient was admitted. The patient expressed her desire to breastfeed her daughter but based on the recommendation of her physician was going to postpone nursing in order to follow the treatment plan of anticoagulation.

Kim was very concerned about the repercussions postponing nursing would have on the mother-child bond. She elevated the chain of command, sought pharmacy consult, and prompted the charge nurse to pursue new orders from the physician, all in order to meet the needs, not only of our patient, but that of the beautiful newborn baby. Kim was adamant that her job was as "a patient advocate" and the treatment plan decisions did not account for the future health of the newborn baby.

She spoke up for a young woman who would have otherwise forsaken her own desire for her baby simply because she did not know there were alternatives. I am sincerely proud of Kim and her unwavering commitment to our patients. I am very thankful to have her as part of my team. Had it not been for Kim, our patient's plan for herself and her newborn baby would have surely been compromised.