Kimberly Brown
August 2020
Intensive Care Unit
Vidant Medical Center
United States




Kim has been the best role model for our unit and this hospital. She will not rest until patients are taken care of in the best possible way. She is continuously assessing and making her care plan specific. As a co-worker, she has the most patience and respect for all of her team members. She is the type of nurse we all strive to be.

We had a code blue one night and Kim took the time to make sure the patient was expertly cared for and the patient's family was updated on the plan of care. That's very important to her to make sure the family is kept in the loop.

It is hard to narrow down one story that perfectly describes the nurse Kim is. She consistently gives above and beyond for every single patient and every nurse she works with. Kim is the example of what a DAISY Nurse is and is a great role model. We all strive to be just like Kim. Her teamwork, clinical knowledge, and amazing attitude are truly one of a kind. The ICU is simply better for having her!