Kim Laurine

Kim Laurine

Kim Laurine, RN, BSN, CCRN

Adventist HealthCare - Shady Grove Medical Center
Rockville, Maryland
United States
Kim hadn't headed home when her shift ended but stayed until C was back in his room

My husband was admitted to Shady Grove ICU following a massive heart attack. Three stents were inserted into his main artery. The 7:00 am shift change occurred, and we met our nurse for that day – Kim Laurine. What an absolute blessing Kim became to C, me and our daughters that day. Kim's concern and care – not only for C but for the rest of us – was unparalleled! Her expertise and confidence in her nursing skills helped alleviate some of our anxiety. As the adage goes "we all bonded."

At about 6:30 pm that evening, with my husband still experiencing chest pains, he was taken back to the cath lab to see if something was amiss. Kim's shift was ending then and my daughters and I went to the waiting area very concerned. Sometime between 8-8:30 pm, who appears to give us the good news that all was well with C? Kim! She hadn't headed home when her shift ended but stayed until C was back in his room. That was over and above what she needed to do but she cared enough to stay.

When Kim was offduty, we know that she checked with the nurse's desk to follow C's progress. Kim is an extraordinary nurse. She represents everything that is good and noble about health care.


I couldn't be more pleased. Kim is wonderful all the way around. I can't express how great she is. She is compassionate, caring, and really loves what she is doing. She has a great sense of humor, which really helps when you're in the ICU. Kim was wonderful to me.