Kim Gonzalez

Kim Gonzalez

Kim Gonzalez, RN, CPN

Pediatrics Unit
Florida Hospital for Children
Orlando, Florida
United States

I would like to recognize a very special nurse that works in the Pediatric Unit. Kim Gonzalez, is a full-time registered nurse that works night shift in the Pediatric Unit. Frequently when Kim works she fills-in as the charge nurse for the unit. Kim arrives ready to work, she is rarely overwhelmed and if she is, she does not let it show.

She is a professional in the manner that she addresses challenges and complex situations throughout the shift. I have never heard her complain, say no to a situation or give push-back with supporting the unit, team or patients. In addition, she is quick with identifying solutions to complex situations and she does it in a way that allows the team and her colleagues to maintain their dignity. For example, a change of shift admission(s) that are called to the Charge Nurse sometimes, shortly after they have arrived, during the change of shift and Kim always seems ready to take the information and lead the team as necessary to accept the patient. At the twice-a-shift bed meetings Kim is supportive and resourceful to other units needs related to staffing, supplies and equipment.

Kim is supportive and helpful to the nursing team on her unit when she is in charge. I have observed her assisting with lab specimen collection, starting IV's and helping nurses that have busy assignments. She always seems willing to assist with an admission, discharge of a patient or wherever she is needed. She is sincere when she asks if you need help and she is genuinely willing and ready to offer assistance with what is asked of her.

Kim is respected by her peers and colleagues, whenever I make a comment about her practice there is an echo of the same from that person. Including today, I was making a positive comment about Kim being the charge nurse tonight and again the person that I was speaking with agreed "Kim is always easy to work with and a pleasure with facilitating throughput of patients on her unit."

She is one of those nurses that when you find out that she is working the shift with you, you "know" it is going to be a good night, no matter what happens. Kim is a jewel and asset to the team.