Kim Garden

Kim Garden

Kim Garden, BSN, RN

Emergency Department Trauma Nurse
UnityPoint Health – Trinity Quad Cities
Rock Island, Illinois
United States

I can say so much about how Kim Garden goes above and beyond in providing great care. One day in the ED pulls at the heartstrings.
A call came in for a Level 1 Trauma, ETA 5 minutes. Kim called out, "Hey, I will take that!" and immediately headed toward the trauma room to get ready for this patient. This individual had suffered a mortal injury. The entire team did everything they could to save this patient.

The exceptional care that Kim gave to this person and the mother and family was truly remarkable. She explained everything, answered all their questions, and stayed by the mother's side as the priest gave last rites. Kim was so comforting to the mother and there was not a dry eye in the room. She stayed with the family to the very moment they were taken to the ICU. Kim cared for this group of people as if they were her own family.

Kim's exemplary care was the standard of what Trinity FOCUS Values are about. A phenomenal nurse she is!