Kim Clendening

Kim Clendening

Kim Clendening, RN, BC

T1 Medical Surgical
Central Maine Medical Center
Lewiston, Maine
United States
Kim cared for him the following Saturday and Sunday. By Monday he was up walking the halls and smiling.

There have been two examples recently of patients taking the time to write to administration and recognize Kim for her exceptional care. One patient stated, “I was a patient in the hospital this past week. I wanted you to know that I was highly impressed with the care I received.  Kim on T1 went above and beyond. She made it easy for me to recover.”  The second patient wrote, “Kim Clendening went way out of her way in taking care of me. She did the primary nursing   and she even applied creams to my bottom so I wouldn’t breakdown. Kim was training another nurse and if that nurse takes on Kim’s knowledge and personality she will do well!”

Kim was also involved recently in the care of a patient who was very unhappy at the beginning of his stay, expressing that he felt the staff were not meeting his needs.  He came in on a Thursday and Kim cared for him the following Saturday and Sunday.  By Monday he was up walking the halls and smiling. He shook my hand and told me that Kim had provided him with excellent care. He stated that she talked with him about football, as his team was playing Kim’s favorite (the Patriots) on Sunday. 

Kim’s nursing skills not only touch her patients, but also the staff she has chosen to mentor. One RN that she mentored stated, “Kim took the time to really teach me in a way that I understood and she was always patient, even when the day was busy. She gave me tips and tricks on how to remember important details about the patient. I admire the way she interacts and takes care of her patients.”  Kim often buys lunch for her T1 team members, just because she likes to do nice things for people.

She is compassionate, provides patient and family-focused care, is a patient advocate, supports of all members of the healthcare team, and displays critical thinking skills, and serves as a role model for the entire nursing profession.