Kevin Hanley

Kevin Hanley

Kevin Hanley, BSN, RN, CCRN

Med/Surg ICU
Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics
Tyler, Texas
United States

Nomination received September 2013:

Kevin continually goes above and beyond to help facilitate safe and effective patient care. I do not work in the same department as Kevin, which demonstrates the level of teamwork he is providing. After all, how many people from other departments can honestly say they know someone is providing quality care? I would like to say "Thank you" to him for sharing his knowledge and expertise with his coworkers. I have worked with Kevin in several critical situations and he always demonstrates his kindness and caring while displaying his strong clinical skills. His compassion and caring for his coworkers and patients, showcases our great team here at Trinity Mother Frances. JM, coworker

Nomination received January 2014:

I work all over the hospital at all hours of the day and night. It is always so refreshing to see Kevin with his content look of care and his professional attitude toward everyone. Even when patient's families are less than nice, Kevin maintains a calmness that can only come from confidence in his ability to care for all people in all situations. Kevin is an amazing nurse and great person to work with. He deserves the DAISY Award! DW, coworker

Nomination received February 2014:

Kevin returned to the intensive care unit, after having already finished his scheduled shift. He returned to follow up on a nurse's concern about the unknown source of a patient's rectal bleeding. Upon arriving in the room, blood and stool were everywhere. Kevin willingly pitched in and helped clean the patient, and then went about locating the source of the bleed. A moderate size tear to the inside of the rectal vault was located, and a steady stream of blood continued to ooze from the site. He had the nursing wherewithal to quickly devise a plan to stop the bleeding. A Gastroenterologist arrived shortly thereafter and addressed the problem and was able to fix the tear. Kevin exhibited exemplary caring, compassion, concern, and knowledge in this situation, and he serves as a role model that all nurses at Trinity Mother Frances Hospital should strive to emulate. CG, coworker