Kevin Eleazer

Kevin Eleazer, RN

Palmetto Health Heart Hospital
Columbia, South Carolina
United States

I write to you as an 82 year old ordained Baptist minister. In my 61 years of pastoral experience I have made over 3,000 hospital visits. I have witnessed the entire range of medical care exhibited by hospital staffs. Recently my wife was a cardiac care patient. She had a heart catheterization, arterial blockage removal, and had 2 stints placed in that artery. After her arrival in the CCU, the catheter was removed and she experienced extensive bleeding. Had it not been for the prompt, professional, and heroic care given by her nurse, Kevin Eleazer, she would have died. But this was only part of Kevin's ministry to my wife and I. He exhibited compassion and genuine concern upon our arrival. He truly truly cared about his patient's condition, comfort, and understanding at this difficult time. He went beyond "just doing his job." Kevin's knowledge of how to bring comfort and confidence to my wife was extraordinary. Kevin is the finest, most caring, compassionate, and proficient nurse I have witnessed in my 61 years of hospital visits.