Kevin Alex

Kevin Alex

Kevin Alex, BSN, RN

Telemtry Unit
Glens Falls Hospital
Glens Falls, New York
United States

Our family member was in the hospital for four weeks. The floor was an incredibly busy floor and by judging by the steady stream of new roommates , we gathered that four weeks is a very long time to be on that unit.

During that time there was a steady stream of doctors in and out of her room to assess her situation and make reccomendations, but we couldn't be there all the time, and our 93 year old family member wasn't equipped to fully understand the complexities of what was going on or what the treatment was that was being offered, much less explain it back to us. We were having a very difficult time getting answers to our questions.

Kevin the Nurse manger was willing to listen to our questions. He provided many answers. Kevin became the liaison between us and the medical staff. He was willing to make suggestions to the physicians about what would make our oved one more comfortable.

Kevin exemplified the Glens Falls Hospital mission of providing patient -centered care . His personal attention really made a difference to the patients' quality of care.