Kerri Moller

Kerri Moller, RN

Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
United States

Kerri Moller, RN, Wins January DAISY Award at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Kerri Moller, RN, a nurse in Childrens Hospital Los Angeles’ Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), became the latest DAISY Award recipient at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. She accepted the award surrounded by her co-workers in a surprise ceremony on Jan. 26.

Kerri joins the many other nurses across the United States and internationally who have been honored each month with this prestigious national award. There are now 500 DAISY hospitals. Childrens Hospital Los Angeles was the 27th DAISY hospital.

Kerri received the Healer’s Touch statue, a living daisy plant, a DAISY Award pin, a certificate and the praise of her co-workers. Since every nurse who receives The DAISY Award reminds us that her/his entire team is deserving of recognition and that it takes a team to provide great patient care, all the nurses and staff in the recipient’s unit are treated to Cinnabon® cinnamon rolls at each presentation.

Kerri’s nomination was particularly meaningful because it came from the parent of one of her patients. The following is excerpted from the nomination form: “During our stay with our six-year-old son, Anthony, who had a total resection of a posterior fossa ependymona, our family believes that Kerri was our guardian angel that God sent us from above.

“She was one of the most caring and loving nurses I have ever met. She comforted us in our time of need, when we felt that our life was crashing down. Her bright smile and comforting voice seemed to always know how to give us comfort. She also was very gentle and nurturing toward our son. She treated him like he was one of her family members. She always took her time while caring for our son and never seemed too busy to answer our questions.”